A Brief Guide: Common Myths on Link-Building You Need to Know

A Brief Guide: Common Myths on Link-Building You Need to Know

Link-building is one of those noisy environments online. There are many opinions and a lot of free advice lacking concrete foundation that is chocking the internet today. Numerous link-building myths exist, and discussed below are the most prevalent ones. Good link-building strategies must always focus on earning links in a natural way by following the right SEO practices as well as taking into consideration all of Google’s quality guidelines. SEO experts Sydney provides you with adequate and accurate information about link-building in relation to the digital marketing strategies, so read on.

It is very important to differentiate between facts and myths. Some of the most common myths are:

All Links Should Have a No-follow Tag

Some people actually believe this. No-follow links represent only a small percentage with the do-follow links taking up the highest percentage in the World Wide Web. Generally, as pointed out by Google, no-follow links actually do not pass value. They are not followed hence Google basically doesn’t transfer anchor text or page rank across such links. This is why you need SEO consultants Sydney to assist you.

All Links Found on a Page Get Equal Ranking Values

First and foremost, note that there is distributed value of the links on a page. In fact, the position of the links whether footer or body links really matter. There are various factors that influence the value a link gets. Some include the type of link — for example image, the font colour and other attributes the link has, the link’s position in a list, and the link’s anchor text font size among others.  All these sum up that the links on a page do possess different ranking values.

There is a Guarantee of Top Rankings for Links from Wikipedia

This is another common myth as indicated by our SEO specialist Sydney and it has been there for a long time. The truth is that all links do receive the same treatment whether from highly influential websites or not. Achieving more success is rather dependent on getting internal links.

Links Are Always Case Sensitive

This is not true for Google says that using capital letters doesn’t in any way affect search hence it is just a myth.

External Links Carry More Weight Than Internal Ones

This is another misconception that is quite misleading. The reality is that internal links carry more importance than inbound links for they can help improve the ranking by interlinking lazy pages with the high ranking ones.

 Additional Information

You should be alert and not just believe everything you find on the web. Do not risk being fooled by the numerous link building myths. To learn more and get updated with concrete and accurate information regarding links, contact SEO experts Sydney.

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