Social Traffic – Why is it beneficial to Your Site?

Social Traffic – Why is it beneficial to Your Site?

A good website can be the face of your company that gives the required information, answer queries, and even make sales. According to the recent social media report, “driving traffic to the company website is the biggest challenge that businesses currently face.” The amount of traffic and conversion a website amasses decides the success of your website. Albeit it seems like Google and SEO in Sydney are the crucial factors to drive in more traffic, but there are so many other platforms that could make a massive impact on traffic. One among them is social media.

Social media is the one platform in which a huge amount of users gather in a single place and rake in quality clients. Here are a few statistics to help you understand the maximum potential of social media.

  • In the past decade, the most socially-connected brands had 31% greater revenue growth.
  • B2B technology marketers cited they depend on several such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms for the product launch.
  • 60% of buyers who feel a high brand connection are more likely to purchase from those brands versus competitors even at a higher purchase price.
  • 81% of B2B decision makers use online communities and blogs to help make purchasing decisions: of those, 74% use LinkedIn, and 42% use Twitter.

From the above data collected, it is evident that social media is the internet’s gift to B2B marketers. This is why it is recommended not to overlook social traffic when it comes to improving your site traffic.

What is ‘Social Traffic’ Actually?

Social traffic is the amount of traffic that generates from several social media sites where people come together in a community and share everyday experiences. When someone on Facebook shares your website in their update social traffic is generated. But, one thing to consider is, this traffic requires engaging content on your website to make people click on it and share it with the vast community.

How ‘Social Traffic’ is Beneficial to Your Site?

If leveraged in the right way, social traffic can be a huge for your website. Sometimes people might not have heard your site, but they are interested in the content that you are providing them. This content may in any form such as text, images, videos, audios and more. Social media provides you with the ability to control your own messages sent to the channels and ensures that your followers receive a common message. Moreover, social channels are the great place to alert people about your new product or offering.

The Bottom Line

When utilised in the right way, social traffic can bring in new eyeballs to your site and keep your current visitors positively engaged with your brand. Contact your SEO specialist in Sydney now to drive in quality leads to your site via social traffic.

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