Top 5 SEO Techniques to Watch Out For In 2018

Top 5 SEO Techniques to Watch Out For In 2018

Are you wondering how to dominate SEO marketing in 2018?  Well, then these SEO techniques will help you win in 2018 and boost your rank in the search results.

2018 SEO techniques are all about great user experience. You no longer optimise your web pages for search engines, but you must concentrate on streamlining it for your visitors.

SEO keeps changing because now and then Google comes up with new strategies aiming to improve the quality of organic search and your job as a business owner is to stay in sync with the changes. If you cannot work on it, seek help from seo consultants in Sydney.

You should approach a seo specialist in Sydney to incorporate the following techniques and optimise your website user-friendly.

Concentrate on Local SEO:

Actually, “Near Me” searches have been doubled in the last couple of months. Consumers are using mobile to find product and services. It means, even if you are not selling anything online, your business should be found for local searches. Update your contact, business details and operating hour’s details. Also, update directions to your store. You must account for these new developments in user behaviours. If you fail to do so it may not affect your rankings, but you may lose consumers to competition.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages):

AMP is an open source frame work that allows creating lightning fast mobile pages. Google likes websites that load quickly and tends to rank faster loading sites higher in the SERPs. It also helps to enhance the mobile experiences which improve on-site metrics like bounce rate.

Structured data is the way to go:

Search engines like Google have to deal with a lot of information in a variety of formats. When they crawl the website, they have so many data to understand from every single web page they visit. To make the process easier, they follow schemas. A schema is a way to describe the web content in a more structured way.

Google uses the schema for their graph, snippets in search results, adwords campaigns and extensions. Your SEO strategy needs to utilise available schema for more exposure to search engines.

Content experiment and personalisation:

User experience signals are a significant SEO ranking factor once your contents reach the first page in SERPs. Showing relevant content to relevant users is what personalisation is about.

You can identify your user segments from user behaviour on the website. But it will be challenging to cater to different users at the same time. So this is where Google optimise 360 feature “Targeting GA Audiences” comes in handy.

All you have to do is, link your analytics and optimise your account. This enables you to target more customers on your website at any given time.

Increase your page speed:

It goes hand in hand with AMP. About 42% of consumers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds. If a website is not loaded within 2 seconds, users abandon the website. Google recently announced that; web page speed would also be considered as a ranking factor for mobile searches.

Hire seo experts in Sydney, and integrate these techniques into your website to boost your rankings in SERPs.

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