Top SEO Trends that are Currently Dominating!

Top SEO Trends that are Currently Dominating!

It is hard to believe that there are just a few months left in 2018. How effective are your tactics and initiatives? Were they better or worse than what you expected? Similar to other areas in the tech industry, SEO keeps changing constantly. The once fail-proof method of consistently landing atop has become irrelevant within a few months. The Google’s algorithm itself changes continuously, sometimes with multiple changes happening within months. With the picking up of businesses and rivalry getting tougher, the SEO domain is no longer confined to backlinks, keyword placement, and keyword density. If you want to influence the power of SEO, then you must adapt to the times. Below are some of the latest SEO trends that are making headway in today’s search landscape according to SEO consultants.

Voice Search:

Instead of typing search phrases, people speak out the questions. Voice search operation process the comment and delivers the best results that answer to their questions. The site owners should approach their on-page optimisation differently for this case in particular.

They need to optimise for questions instead of keywords. People don’t ask for keywords but a question they will be looking for answers online. Question voice search is gaining much attention nowadays, and so you must prepare your website to match the demanding needs. This can be done by researching for questions that your target audience ask most of the time with the help of SEO specialist.

Link Building:

This tactic is one of the most crucial SEO factor and the trickiest. Much of your ranking will depend on the links you have built on your site. However, you should find a natural way to up your links from different high-quality sites.

Tactics that are working today may lose efficiency the other day. Therefore you should diversify your link building strategy. To make it simple, don’t put all your eggs in a single basket. If you are building links using guest blogging, say, for example, then you should complement it with other tactics such as the creation of link bait contents. This will allow you to create a sustainable link building process helping to keep your site afloat on search rankings.

User Experience:

75% of searches never go past the first page of Google. As much as important it is to generate traffic to your site, the more critical it is to keep your visitors from leaving your site. A slow loading page may hinder user experience. You need to make sure that your site loads as fast as possible with SEO experts.

Featured Snippets:

As important as ranking at the top search results for your keywords, you should boost your link building strategies and create better content, simple and plain. However, if you don’t have the resources to do this, you can take the alternate route and rank for featured snippets. It starts with creating structured contents like writing your post as if you are answering a specific question that your audience inquire. From here, you can format your post with graphs, lists, and others. This will help determine what the content is trying to convey.

With the advices from the best SEO experts Sydney, start your optimisation plan for the next year with a bang!

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