What Should Know about Google’s May 2020 Core Update?

What Should Know about Google’s May 2020 Core Update?

Google usually releases more than one or more changes meant to improve the search results.  Like earlier, Google announced their Core Update of 2020 on May 4th amid the Coronavirus Pandemic. Earlier, Google released a core algorithmic update on January 2020, just 3 months ago. Google stated this update as the ‘May 2020 Core Update.’ The rollout is expected to take about two weeks from the date of update. This update has put many SEO specialist in a puzzled state amid the crisis that has caused many companies to close down, reduced the website traffic, and decreased sales across industries.

Here is an analysis about the Google’s May 2020 Core Update!

What do the experts say about the update?

The Google algorithmic update amidst the COVID 19 pandemic has caused bitterness among a few webmasters and the SEO agencies. This is because, running the businesses, especially online in the midst of COVID 19 is already a challenge, with severe restrictions prevailing across the world. The current situation has affected the online sales and the flow of website traffic for most businesses, leaving many business owners perplexed about the future.

Here are some tweets from the experts –

  • Eby Bekee tweeted, “Google please, we are in the midst of a pandemic, can’t it wait?”
  • MayankParmar tweeted through WebmasterWorld-Forum as, “It’s pandemic and I don’t want Google updates to crush me at this time of financial crisis. I’m scared.”
  • Barry Schwartz has tweeted that, “The massive Google May 2020 core update is fully rolled out.”
  • Marie Haynes has tweeted that,” Our thoughts on the May 2020 core update. We believe Google got better at understanding relevancy, content quality, and in some cases is valuing real life expertise. Interesting observations on links as well.”

What Should You Know About May 2020 Core Update?

Though Google hasn’t disclosed any specific data about what it has improved in its search algorithm or the businesses that needs to get a special focus in the update, it has not depicted any widely notable effects. The broad update is designed to ensure relevant and authoritative content to searchers.

Reassessing your Website’s Content – What can the experts in SEO Sydney do?

Google recommends the SEO experts to focus on the providing the best informative content possible and suggests running a website audit to analyse the four areas –

  • Quality Content – Investigate if the website offers unique and informative content and if the Meta titles and descriptions are enticing to match the content. You can get the help of an SEO specialist to write quality contents for your website.
  • Expertise – Check if the content is trustworthy and look if the page has any errors.
  • Presentation – The content on the website must be well researched and the site must load quickly.
  • Value – The website must offer an added value when compared to the competitors, and cater to the expectations of the users. You can get the help of SEO agencies Sydney to create informative and value added content for your website that inspires the users.
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