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The partnership we have with Avant Stone dates back to 2018, where we offered the emerging company a small SEO starter package in order to help them get their hypothetical “SEO–feet” off the ground. We offered a cost-effective package that would ensure increase in ranks on high-conversion keywords, so that they could continue to invest in marketing. Over the years, Avant stone has grown exponentially and as such we have grown with them, offering a heavier and more comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

About the Company

Avant Stone is a player in the stone industry that capitalises on their 20 years of experience in the field to provide their customers with a range of globally sourced stone slabs. Their wide variety includes slabs that are made of Granite, Marble and Quartzite.  They are renowned for their high quality of service as well and unique ability to perfectly customise distinctive stone products for any residential or commercial space.

The problem they had

Even with a wide range of products, great customer reviews and quality service, the company found that they were missing out on a huge audience online searching for their keywords. As other competitors in the space begun heavily investing on their digital marketing, in particular SEO & Google Ads, Avant Stone noticed that their profile was starting to fall behind in comparison.

How we solved this

Our first priority was to maximise the budget across all our services that would actually bring conversions and sales to the team at Avant Stone. Our Google Experts investigated thoroughly into what opportunity keywords where being left out of competitor SEO plans that we could focus our on page and off page strategies towards. We looked for terms that, even though had a low monthly search volume, identified that the customer was in fact ready to buy.

As a result, we began to bring in more conversions for these crucial keywords which translated to more sales for the business. As the return on investment in SEO was clearly visible, the team at Avant Stone didn’t have any issues with growing their SEM budget, which has resulted in accelerated growth, particularly in the last few months.

Top SEO takeaway

We aspire to service clients of all sizes as we are a strong believer of building a partnership with our clients. We grow, when you grow. When we partner with a company that we believe in, we offer scaled down and tailored packages to help facilitate the company’s foundation. With no-lock in contracts we are able to offer these clients the best recommended strategy on a month to month basis. This allows us to capitalise on peak periods and scale down if there are any budget restrictions.

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