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With over 18 years of experience in optimising websites like yours for SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) we can confidently say, WE DELIVER RESULTS. We’ve listened to the feedback of our customers and offer a fully loaded process to help increase traffic and generate new business. On top of the best SEO companies in Sydney is Top SEO Sydney

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Market & Keyword Research

Researching the keywords is the primary step in our process. We thoroughly research and filter your service or product related keywords that are sure to increase traffic on your website. We identify around 100 to 200 trending keywords. Then we go deeper to find the most relavent keywords which can convert to leads for your business.

The primary goal of doing this task is to find as many keywords as possible that relate to the products and services your company offers.

Competitor Analysis

It is our task to help you do better than your competitor. We identify the keywords that are used primarily by your competitors and find ways in identifying keywords for your site. Since our standards are broad in nature, finding new keywords is a cakewalk for us. We also identify high authority backlinks they may have in order for us to promote your website on the same or similar websites.

Keyword Mapping

Once we have identified and filtered the keywords we will share them with you to confirm the creditibility and performance of the keywords. We create a document that helps us in keyword mapping. It shows us the titles, content as well as subtitles and heading before carefully mapping the keywords to the current pages. To optimise the whole website, sometimes it requires us to create new pages in order to take all keywords which can possibly generate new business into account.
keyword Research


keyword Research

Choosing Keywords to Boost your Traffic

We’ll select the best converting keywords in your website content and ensure we feature them on blogs and landing pages. This increases traffic to your website from search engines like Google. We use Google Analytics and similar tools to indicate the keywords performance as well as comparison reports from previous periods.

Website SEO Audit

After the completion of the keyword mapping, we also carry out a technical On-Page Audit to check how well your site is in technical aspects. It means we review the meta information, the page speed of your website, diagnose technical issues, security aspects of the website, pages that are non-existent and Brand image or visibility of the site. We list everything we identify in this stage.

Technical Application

After you review the details and give us the approval, we will enhance your website technically so that it functions well with the algorithms of the search engines. We will boost your site’s performance so that it performs even after it’s increase in the traffic.


Based on the size as well as the complexity of the website, It can take upto a couple of weeks to complete this initial process. We produce a detailed benchmark report that requires your approval before we proceed further in helping your business grow.


1. SEO Strategy Plan

To ensure that we are moving in the desired direction, we review the SEO strategy almost every two weeks.

2. Monthly SEO Reporting

You will know how well your site is performing and see the SEO strategies we are implementing through the monthly progress reports.

3. Dedicated Account Manager

You will enjoy the support of a dedicated Account Manager as well as technical lead. They will provide you detailed reports of the progress and answer all the questions that you have.

We build your brand's online presence and reputation amongst websites that have high domain authority and relate to your product or service.
Once the preliminary steps are complete, we move on to content development and acquiring back links with the following steps:

4. Raising the Popularity

We will ensure that both the authority and popularity of your website increases each month. You can follow this through our monthly reports.

5. Content Development

To promote your site, we develop fresh content and start working with our Off-Site SEO Strategies.

6. Link Building

We will start creating links from other popular websites to show what you have to offer and why your service or product is different.

Success stories

When you invest in SEO with us, the data speaks for itself.

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