Success Story

Doumit Homes

Doumit Homes Success Story
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Doumit homes started their journey with us about 6 months ago, at the point of this article being written, and they were looking for a partner SEO company that could help them generate visibility and traffic to help get their brand name out there. After much discussion on what the key performance metrics would be and how we would measure success, we started the SEO journey together and have seen amazing results increasing ever since.

About the Company

Doumit homes is a renowned construction company that centralises their service around making the development process as smooth as possible, regardless of whether it’s a renovation or a brand new construction. Their mantra is “You always know you are in safe hands when you are building with our trained team of professional tradesmen at Doumit Homes” and as their satisfied clients will tell you, they live by their word.

The problem they had

When Doumit homes approached us, they did not have the relevant applications and stats in place to track their digital presence. Similar to a lot of out clients, they had invested heavily in a great and stunning website that considered all the main factors such as mobile optimisation, user experience, lead magnet pieces and much more. However, once the site was deployed, month went by and the traffic & visibility of the website was no where near where it should’ve been. Given that this was a competitive space, rival companies who had been working on their SEO up to 10 years prior had already dominated and took over the prime positions, so competing with them was going to be a challenge.

How we solved this

We new straight away that Ads would be needed initially to help Doumit homes get some immediate conversions. What we didn’t want to do however is to fall into the trap that many companies face where they lie solely on ads for conversions. The end game of ads should always be to eventually build enough SEO credibility that you rank first for certain keywords and the conversions from those will cancel out the need for ads at all. As we ran both an ad words and SEO campaign, we quickly saw an increase in not only traffic, but also conversions. As we continue down this path we will set up Doumit homes with enough SEO presence to reduce their investment on google ads.

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