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Oxford Bathrooms

Oxford Bathrooms
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From no visibility, to becoming a recognised brand name

Oxford bathrooms was in the process of redeveloping their brand when they approached us as they were looking to uplift their status to truly reflect how big of a player they were in the industry. With relatively okay ranks, they were looking for an SEO strategy that would really help drive awareness of their new branding as well as bring in conversions during the change. As such, we did a complete audit of their website to ensure that all issues around SEO were addressed with the creation of the new website, as well as prioritising on keywords that were ranking in the 11th or 12th position, and boosting them up so that they sat on the first page, bringing in that organic traffic.

About the Company

Oxford bathrooms is renowned for their affordable renovations – they offer a wide variety of custom bathroom packages that help to ensure your bathroom renovation is seamless and remains within budget. Through a process of 3 easy steps, the team uses their 20 years of industry experience and extensive trade background to create the most stunning bathroom renovations that will continue to be sight for years to come. They also start the process with a free quote from one of their experienced bathroom designers as well as a 10 year warranty on top of their top-quality workmanship. To find out more about them, click here.

The problem they had

As with any new brand launch, getting the awareness out there is always quite the challenge. They wanted to uplift their brand name as quick as possible, all while advertising to the relevant people who would actually be interested in their service. Having a focus on brand awareness and lead generation at the same time can be quite costly if not executed correctly.

How we solved this

We worked very closely with Oxford Bathroom’s branding agency to ensure that there was clear objective setting, effective budget spend and regular reporting which kept us on track to achieve our goals.

We devised a SEM plan that included both SEO and Paid Google Display & Search Ads. The search ads allowed us to find the customers who were ready to buy and would search for terms that would almost guarantee a conversion. At the same time, we also ran display ads that included the business’ new branding & logo, to familiarise customers who were more so in the consideration stage, and encourage them to learn more about the business. This two pronged approach helped Oxford Bathrooms stay on track with sales as they continued their re-branding project.

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