How to Perform Local SEO Audit?

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Before you begin your guide on performing a local SEO audit, you must first define what a local SEO audit is. Local SEO solutions, which assist more local searchers in finding and contacting your business, do not appear out of nowhere. Inspection and ongoing effort are required to attract interested customers to your physical presence. You can run through a checklist to inspect the ins and outs of your site in the form of an audit. With the rise in local shopping searches, investing in a local SEO audit performed by local SEO Company in Sydney Australia is worthwhile.

Manage Google My Business

Google My Business, formerly Google+ Business, is a prerequisite for fully working local SEO. Your business listing appears on the usual search results pages as well as on Google Maps when you use Google My Business. Your local SEO audit should start with setting up a verified Google My Business account if you don’t currently have one. You can seek the help of SEO Company Sydney Australia for your local SEO audit.

Check The Keywords You’re Targeting

Keywords are an important part of SEO, even for local SEO. Local SEO, on the other hand, necessitates the use of specific keywords that are exclusive to your location and target your intended region. You must first review whatever keywords you rank for in order to conduct a localised keyword analysis. You can see which keywords are currently beneficial to your campaign. If you hire a local SEO Company in Sydney Australia, they will provide the best SEO services Sydney and take care of all the necessary steps for local SEO audit and you can focus on your work.

Find Duplicate Content That Is Dangerous

While all websites have identical material, such as terms and conditions or printer-only versions of pages, certain types of duplicate content hurt your SEO and prevent your page from appearing in local searches. Google particularly warns against deceptive matching copy, but it does provide numerous solutions for duplicate content that is required.

Examine the Backlinks

Backlinks are still important in SEO, and descriptive phrases about your area can assist or hinder your local SEO depending on how you use them. Dishonest linking and spam-filled backlinks can lower the trustworthiness of your page in the eyes of search engines; therefore look into the nature of the links to your pages. Backlinks with unnatural anchor text can alert Google to unethical behaviour, so double-check the anchor phrases pointing back to your page.

For Your Local SEO Audit, Look for Citations and Mentions

Citations and mentions, which occur when other websites discuss your brand without necessarily connecting to it, add to the shape of your local SEO. Citations include your name, address, and phone number, which is helpful for people who need to contact you or visit your store. High-quality local citations can help search engines fill in the blanks concerning your authority and reach, and you should check your citations and mentions as part of your local SEO audit to see how much feedback you’re getting for your actual location.

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