Why Local SEO Is More Important Than Ever?

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Coronavirus has hit small businesses around Australia. Does this mean that SEO is useless for your business right now? Absolutely not. One of the great qualifications of the business people is, ‘they never give up.’ Yes, many brick-and-mortar store operators, who were forced to shut down their physical business completely, are now considering e-commerce a potentially crucial complementary or alternative sales channel. This is because internet use becoming more essential than ever. So, local SEO is now more important than ever to stand out amongst competitors and stay on top of your local SEO efforts. To set yourself up for success, local SEO is a lot now. SEO not only brings the users to your website as of now, but also it is a great investment that will yield long-term results. Solid SEO foundations increase trust and credibility for your website, improves user experience and engagement. So, now, all you have to do is, hire a qualified local SEO Company in Sydney, Australia.

Local SEO Statistic You Should Know

Did you know?

  1. About 72% of consumers will perform a local search to visit a store within 5 miles of them.
  2. On Google Maps, 86% of people have looked up the location of a local business.
  3. Google’s local 3-pack appears in 93% of the searches with local intent.
  4. Around 46% of searches on Google have local intent.
  5. 78% of mobile searches performed on mobile devices end is purchases being made offline.
  6. 60% of adults conduct searches looking for local services and products.
  7. Research says, 18% of mobile searches have been reported to lead up to a sale within a day.
  8. 34% of people doing their searches on a desktop or tablet did visit a physical store within a day.
  9. 50% of people who did a local search on their phone visited a physical store within a day.

Things You Can Do to Get Your Local SEO Improved

  1. Hire the best local SEO company in Sydney Australia, to get a good presence online.
  2. Search and know more about your competitors. Execute things to attract your audience better than your competitors do.
  3. Implement internal linking when it is applicable.
  4. Make sure that any local listings that include details about your business are up to date and accurate.
  5. Make use of the best SEO services Sydney for your online business.
  6. Regularly update your content and show your presence.

Wrapping Ups

Agreed, the impact of COVID-19 on local business is big. But there is a big hope to save your business, at the same time improve your revenue. So, the steps you can take to improve your online presence are hiring the best SEO Company Sydney Australia. Remember, The COVID-19 pandemic has left a number of people working and shopping from home. So, this is the perfect time to take a stand.

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