How Do You Create High-Quality Backlinks With Press Releases?

Create High-Quality Backlinks With Press Releases

Link building plays a vital role in any robust search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. The aim of a link building strategy is to increase the count of websites that connect to your website, as it upsurges your page’s credibility and search engine rankings. The benefits of backlinks are many, which apply to any type of business. Utilising backlinks to their fullest potential will help improve rankings, as well as have a competitive edge over the competitors.

The better you understand how SEO works, the more successful you can build backlinks. With great possibilities available, it is better to learn how a Press Release can help earn quality backlinks, keep reading to perceive the opinions from the SEO experts Sydney

  • Newsworthy Announcement

The major goal of a Press Release is to make an announcement. So, don’t simply write a press release for the sake of earning backlinks or SEO. Your Press Release should contain a newsworthy statement, to influence the people who are looking out for interesting stories. You can possibly include – what is new in your company, launch of new products/services, any upgrades, mergers, acquisitions, opening a new branch, hiring someone for a key role or new partnership. You are sure to earn better leads and authoritative backlinks, when you post newsworthy content. SEO experts Sydney can help you create newsworthy PR that helps reach your goals.

  • Use Variations in Keywords

Using relevant keywords in the press release is the best tactic to get your company’s message to the targeted audience. With billions of searches happening on Google every second, SEO is a critical component to reach out to the public. However, using single Keyword is of no help, and using them repeatedly on the press release might invite a penalty from Google. So, instead of a single keywords, use various strong keywords, which people are searching for. This will help you get found by the right customers.

  • Press Release Distribution

Get the press release distributed on sources that are connected with your targeted audience. Press release distribution on newswire websites is the best way to earn links, as the organisation will post your Press release for a period of time, which will help gain visibility and backlinks for your content. Once you decide on the platforms to release your press release, allocate a dedicated budget. Get the help of affordable SEO services Sydney experts to get the PR published on authoritative websites.

  • Publish the Press Release on your Website

Distributing the Press release in third party website might be beneficial, but it is important to post the news on your website as well to gain more visibility. Include a Press update section on your website, and make it easily accessible. It will give an authority that your website is trustworthy.

  • Include Natural Links

Always keep in mind, you need to follow the best practices for link building. Including natural backlinks ensure that it is logically blended well with the phrase within the Press release.

Hopefully these tips will help you gain quality backlinks from Press Release. Reach out to the experts for affordable SEO prices Sydney, today!

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