How to Attract More Customers Using Google My Business for Your Business?

How to Attract More Customers Using Google My Business for Your Business?

A research states that about 94% of Australians make use of Google to search their query. So, make sure to claim and optimise your brand’s My Business listing to boost the chances of your business appearing for the search results. If you are looking to drive in local customers, occurring on the Google maps and the search results is essential.  To make this happen, you must list your business on Google My Business. This will automatically update the business details on Google Map and the searches.  You can also claim the Google My Business listing for your business to improve the chances of your business appearing for the searches when your target audience is looking for products or services nearby.

Here are some ways as suggested by the SEO consultants to attract more customers through Google My Business listing –

Customers Can Find Your Physical Location

Listing your business on free Google My Business listing with the precise address and location on the Google map or the searches can offer accurate directions to your business. When you register the precise phone number, it will turn out to be easy for your customers to make an appointment even on the mobile device.

Offers Useful Information for the Searchers

Updating your business details on Google My Business will offer relevant and latest business information like – Hours of operation, Directions, Address, Photos, Call Now button, and details about your business to the customers. Since Google is making all efforts to improve the search results of the users who use smartphones or tablets, it is essential for business keep the Google My Business updated. You can get the support of best SEO Sydney experts to offer the best results.

Helps Understand Customer Perceptions

When you are keeping your Google My Business listing updated, the Insights tab will offer relevant information to the users. The visibility section will demonstrate how many views your profile had received. You can also tweak the time frame to view a week’s data, month’s data or data for 90 days. While the engagement segment spectacles how your targeted audience are interacting with your posts. This will also help you get insights on what to post in the future. And the audience segment shows the category of the people following you in the form of age, gender and location. To understand what content is attracting your audience, get in touch with the experts who offer affordable SEO services Sydney.

Acquires Customer Reviews

With Google My Business listing, your customers have a way to express their feedback. The customers who look at your business will read these reviews, as public reviews will influence them more than anything. Always keep in mind that good reviews are very important as it will influence the searchers to call and book an appointment.

If you’ve already listed your business on Google My Business, and it looking to take it to the next level, get in touch with the best SEO Sydney professionals.

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