Voice Search – The Future of SEO!

Voice Search – The Future of SEO!

Have you ever seen people talking to robots? What is this? Well, yeah, talking to robots now accounts for 20% of Google search queries, and industry leaders predict that this number will only grow. If you have not yet incorporated voice search into your 2018 SEO Sydney strategy still, then you need to do it right away!

Voice search is not a trend in future – it is here today, and people are quickly adapting to it. When consumers fall in love with their digital assistance of choice, make sure you are there and ready to take advantage of the promise voice search, and digital assistants can deliver. According to ComScore by 2020, about 50% of all searches will be of voice, and 30% of searches will take place without a screen.

Google constantly changes its algorithm. But major ranking fluctuations occur rarely, and those are the updates that marketers should care about. One such trend that is going to govern the future of SEO is voice queries on mobile. The expanded use of smartphones and the arrival of personal assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby have led to their eminence.

How to adapt your SEO strategy to voice search? 

The rise of voice search does not mean that you need to change your entire SEO strategy or the contents on your website, but you will need to make subtle changes to be more successful in the voice search universe. Getting help from seo company in Sydney will be helpful to optimise your website for voice search. However, here are some extra tips to improve the SEO on your website and prepare for the impact of voice searches.

Aim for featured snippets: 

Google assistant and Home currently read out featured snippets when they answer for voice queries. So you should aim for the position zero. While there is no definitive answer on how to gain that top spot, the following guidelines will help you when writing your content.

  • Answer specific questions
  • Answer questions concisely
  • Write engaging and interesting contents

Keep in mind that, voice search questions will be more conventional than written queries. So if you are struggling to get the top position, it is better to work with an SEO agency in Sydney who knows and implements the right SEO strategies according to your business goals.

Concentrate on your local SEO:

Voice search users are looking for business information, so it is essential to optimise your local seo. Make sure your Google my business page is updated with your current address, contact details and operating hours.

Improve website speed:

A page that takes more than 5minutes to load is more likely to suffer from bounce backs, compared to a website that loads in just one second. Since voice search is exclusively used on mobile, it is crucial that your page should be mobile-optimised.

Now it is the perfect time to modify your voice search SEO Sydney strategy and optimise your website designs for Google voice search. So if you do not optimise your website now, you will be missing out on a lot of traffic in the long term.


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